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Chante Goodman

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Hayo friends!

Welcome to February's monthly catch-up! We will be using this post to look back on some amazing blueprints the Planet Coaster community shared throughout February, as well as highlighting some things we think you'll be interested in!


The Community Team hosted the first Frontier Xtra stream, with a segment dedicated to Planet Coaster! We took the time to share some news with you all, more on that in a moment, and also looked at some incredible blueprints on stream.

We announced the Quality of Life updates coming to Planet Coaster in March! These updates will be focusing on Thememaker's Toolkit issues and crashes in game, but we will post the full announcement with all the details soon. Keep an eye out for it!

We hosted a Creator Showcase with BeyondDrewTV! Drew shared the parks he is working on with us and it helped many in the chat get inspired. You can check out the stream on YouTube!

Community Favourites:

We would like to use this section to show off creative creations from our coaster friends around the world!

Abandoned ride design by u/sdanwolf

We saw this haunting screenshot on Reddit and we're so impressed with how it looks exactly like an abandoned ride!

Coaster Island Park, uploaded by TommyT 067

While the feedback for the Comet Chaser coaster by Tommy has been immense and well deserved, we'd like to highlight another amazing creation from Tommy T!

Vigour by Bluvert

This brilliant screenshot was posted on the forums by Bluvert, highlighting their Distant World's Adventure Park! The coaster included in this screenshot is called Vigour.

Grecian Harbor, posted by u/Poisonblade_IRL

The community really liked this screenshot of Poison Blade's Grecian Harbor on Reddit and you can watch this park be made over on Poisonblade's YouTube channel!

Our favourite Thememaker's Toolkit item of the month are all of the waving characters created by Ms.RedNebula!

We think the waving characters are unique and a great addition to any park. We love how the characters are animated!

Creator spotlights:

The coaster everyone has been talking about lately is Blueheim by GalcianBTH and with good reason! Check out the POV of the coaster and sit back in awe. It's incredible!


Another creator we would like to highlight is Wikz, who has been working on the Blackmire series for the last six months. The park's YouTube playlist is uploaded frequently and we can see it really coming together!


Favourite video:

If you liked Ms.RedNebula's waving characters but aren't sure how to use Blender, check out this interesting tutorial they made! Here, they should you how to make a good icon:


Favourite forum topics:

The Efteling meetup is still taking sign ups! You'll be able to meet other members of the Planet Coaster community in an awesome theme park!

Will and Chanté will be at Pax East in Boston! If you are in the area, we'd love to meet you! We're really looking forward to the event and meeting community members for different Frontier games!

That's all for February's catch up! If you want to send your blueprints to us, please do so by sending it to!

We're looking forward to the March catch up already!

Chanté [yesnod][heart]


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Thanks for the Monthly Catch-Up! :D

I especially like the abandoned ride by Sdanwolf and the Grecian Harbor by u/Poisonblade_IRL. I'm fascinated by the Roman (and Greek) history as well as abandoned parks and rides.

The Efteling meetup is indeed taking sign ups! If you're planning to join us in this amazing park, then please let us know, so that we can count you in. We are exciting for the 3rd Efteling meeting and it's going to be awesome!
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