General Gameplay More informative weather updates.

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Currently the information we get in regards to the weather are lacking. Players wont know a storm is coming until the last minute of which gives us little time to prepare. I propose that we have a window on our HUD that displays the current weather status i.e. sunny, raining and for aesthetic purposes the temperature and humidity. Others could be added like UV level, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and direction and total rain fall. The main feature of this however would be that you can open up a panel that shows future weather predictions that become more accurate the more weather stations you have. However unless you have a number of weather stations the weather predictions could be misleading. For example they could predict just rain but it develops into a light storm and visa versa. Additionally to this they could give you an earlier warning for storms and tornados that would flag up in your main Hud so even if your not paying attention to the weather you still get an early notification. This feature could also be dialled down or removed from challenge mode to make it harder.
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