I don't know if anyone has the wish befor, but I think, it would be great, If some Rides has the possibility to play more than one song.
Maybe like a fairway, where the rides plays many songs.
I think it would be possible, if you can edit a playlist, where you can choose some songs in the Planet-Coaster-Musicfolder and save as an playlist, that can be choose on a ride as "musik". Maybe with an option to random or not.
I think it would make some rides a little more realistic.
So you can do play some music cds from amusement parcs as atmospheric sound..

Another wish is to change the price of shops "at once".. Like "All burgers costs 2,50"... But I think it will comming up soon, because it was a feature since Rollercoaster Tycoon 2.. (Or I didn't find it yet)