Multicrew payout scale

The purpose of this thread is to inform players about the current multicrew payout scale, not to discus whether said scale is right or wrong, please stay on topic.

Using the data FD and ObsidianAnt have provided, I have compiled and extrapolated the multicrew payout matrix.
Green data represents data provided by FD and ObsidianAnt, Red data is extrapolated.
To find the payout you're looking for, start with the rank of the helm, i.e. if the helm is rank 'dangerous' you use column 'I'. Then you find the rank of the gunner or fighter, i.e. if the fighter rank is 'expert' use row '7'. For a helm rank of 'dangerous' and a fighter rank of 'expert' you would go to cell 'I7', cells have the percentage that the fighter and gunner get paid, cell 'I7' has a percentage of 30%, therefore, the fighter in this scenario would get 30% of what the helm would get.

If you have reason to believe this chart is inaccurate, please post screenshots of both the helm and fighter and/or gunner multicrew session reports.
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