Multiple Inputs Logic

I really enjoy that update 1.12.4 added the ability for targets to trigger connected triggerables when shot, it expaned much needed creativity for shooting gallery rides. Yet, I still feel like there's something missing. Mutiple targets can be connected to one triggerable, but when each target is shot it activates that triggerable every time those connected targets are seperately shot, and this stifles what I want to do for rides I am making. What I'm asking is for some sort of option for multiple inputs that allow a triggerable to only be activated when all connected triggerables are. Maybe there could be a tickible option on a triggerable that makes it so any inputs it detects all need to be activated for it itself to activate.

Although, I don't know if this is possible for Planet Coaster. The Cobra engine could have some sort of weird limitation that makes it impossible for this to work. Despite this, I hope, at the very least, this gets considered.
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