Multiple Platform Questions - Character saves, Arx purchases

I use Steam as my primary game market platform, and I use Oculus Rift for my VR adventures in Elite Dangerous.

Unfortunately for me, the Oculus Rift and Steam do not play well together. I got sick of fighting the constant problems between the two, so I now have Elite Dangerous: Horizons installed both through Steam (on an M2 drive) and through the Oculus store (on my C drive). I got the keys for the Oculus copy directly from Frontier's website.

I just noticed that I can buy Arx through Steam, which is my preferred way to handle all gaming purchases.

So, the questions are:

1. If I play a character on Oculus tonight, but don't feel like doing VR tomorrow, can I hop onto my Steam copy and pick up where I left off? (playing the same character save)

2. More importantly, if I purchase Arx through Steam, will it be accessible to me through Oculus?
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