Must be leaving something out.

Okay here are the steps I follow:

1. Go to Steam Workshop Planet Coaster
2. Click on content I want
3. Hit subscribe button
4. Start up Planet Coaster
5. Go to sandbox mode start new park
6. Click on my blueprints,,,,,,
There is nothing there..... Am I leaving out a step to get workshop content to be recognized in my park?
Usually, that works. If you subscribed to a park (rather than blueprint), they show up by going Play/my parks/ and then clicking the tab that says downloads near the top of window.

Also, after you click subscribe, check your "downloads" window in steam (bottom of the list when you hover over library). You should see your machine saying something about downloading work shop content (only ever shows 1 download even if you are subscribing to more than one).

You shouldn't have to, but some people have reported that restarting steam (I would just restart your computer too) will get the content to show up. Let us know if that fixed your problem.
Got everything to work. Just exited from Sream, and then went back in. After that all the content from before started to download. Thanks.[happy]
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