My Elite Dangerous Resolution for 2018 is...

To continue on in my old Cobra towards triple elite (not far now). To commit to engineering and finally max out this old bird. To look into a few old myths...and to fly to Colonia and maybe settle down away from all the hub-bub...

They have bars out there don't they?

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My first few are pretty easy...
1. Hit 1billion credits. I'm at 851mil.
2. Get rank for Vette and Cutter. I'm Baron and Lieutenant

This one...not so much
3. Get triple Elite. I'm at Competent but I'm not good at combat. I'm actually pretty bad at it. Usually just end up jousting and me taking off before the rebuy. So I guess I need to work on combat for 2018.
To Get High, Drunk AND Stoned, then Fly Wherever I Want Doing Whatever Comes Up...

Just Like Today!

Fly High, Drunk And Stoned CMDR's!


That's your resolution for the whole year?... I guess you'll quit after a couple days because it only takes about twelve hours... Just did it last night.
I give this one the award for the biggest line of B-Hockey in 2017! lol!

12 hours to rank Fed to Rear Admiral/Corvette Unlock? Yeah right...whatever you say noob. [rolleyes]
Last edited: produce and release an Elite: Dangerous video series in decent quality and with a good story and to discover something special in the game even if it is just another visually beautiful place somewhere in the Elite: Dangerous galaxy.
Maybe I'll try something challenging like getting Elite in CQC but I don't think a year would be long enough with all the waiting around.:D
Happy New Year everyone!

My resolution is to play Elite more and to NOT pop out to make the Missus a cuppa when in open space, killed twice by pirates this way :)
To make my Canyon cruisin I-eagle even faster and continue my search for the best Canyon planet to zoom through at 10 meters above ground! [yesnod]
To improve my FA-Off flying skils and to maybe try and get more into the combat side of the game.

LOL ... who am I kidding ... my first act of 3303 was to perform another Fuel Rat rescue while putting the finishing touches to my new Buckyball Race which starts next weekend (forum thread coming soon).
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