My simple Idea for restaurants that would fit with the current systems in place!

my idea for this was to make a new "shop" that is 2x3 or 2x4, which would basically be an order counter and food delivery area/kitchen,(mostly made up of the main back area of a restaurant) that had waiters and waitresses that would spawn with it and be area restricted to the buildings grid. add scenery for tables and chairs (that guests can interact with) and other small items to dress the interior and you have a restaurant that would fit perfectly into the systems they already have in place.

the guests when hungry would interact with the tables and sit down and the waiters and waitresses could bring them what they need.

this idea probably would require plazas in place though, (in order to make the interior traversable for guests) and free placement of tables and chairs on paths

another idea for the ground level to be guest traversable is a ground level foundation. but that would obviously restrict the size and shape of the layout.
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An even simpler approach is to just stick with the current food vendors, but create table/booth objects that can be linked to vendors, designating them as seating space for that vendor. Linking tables would create a cafeteria style restaurant. Create a podium object that links to a vendor to make it a sit down restaurant. Then guests will line up at the podium to be seated and additional staff can be assigned to wait tables. Place benches around the podium and guests will sit on the benches while they wait for a table. Tables/booths could also be linked to multiple vendors to create a food court with a common seating area.

This could also be done to create "stores" in game, except rather than using table/booth objects, you'd be placing shelving for merchandise.
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