#MyFavouritePlanet Competition


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Greetings commanders,

With the recent Q&A discussion on Planetary Tech with Dr. Kay Ross this week we wanted to give you the chance to showcase your favourite planets from Elite Dangerous and win a Razer BlackShark V2 Special Edition headset!

Here's how you can get involved:
  • Take a screenshot of your favourite planet in Elite Dangerous
    • You can do this from a distance (Show the whole planet) or highlight specific vistas/landmarks
  • Submit your screenshot by one of the following options:
    • Post it in this forum thread
    • Tweet it with #MyFavouritePlanet or #MyFavoritePlanet
    • Post it as a reply to the Facebook post announcing this competition
    • Screenshots must be in PNG or JPG format
  • Screenshots should be in landscape format and in 1920x1080 resolution (Or larger with the same dimensions)
  • Screenshots should be devoid of any text, images or watermarks
  • Please include your Commander name in your post (Not the image)
  • All standard forum rules, privacy policy and EULA terms apply

Entries must be submitted before Sunday 28 February. Winners will be announced the following week.

We look forward to seeing your planetary submissions!

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