Nashville's Adventure

August 1973

Hello. My name is Charlie Acree. I have been a businessman for years now. Recently, I have gotten interested in the amusement park industry after being influenced by the success of Disneyland. I was thinking “Hey, a certain city in Tennessee needs a successful amusement park”. It took me months and months, but I successfully purchased the land near Nashville. I went to the land today to check it out and I was amazed by the natural beauty of the land. There was a lake in the middle of it along with the little island. I cannot wait to see the process of my park. For now, here’s a couple of pictures from today.

NA 73 1.jpg
NA 73 2.jpg
January 1974

NA 74 1.jpg

I have decided to visit the site today and were already making good progress on the entrance area. They will start working in other areas soon.

Here’s a little pond that the guests will see when they first walk into the park. They haven’t installed the fountain yet.

NA 74 3.jpg

This is the guest relations building. The signages will be added very soon.

NA 74 4.jpg

Here’s the building where guest can buy tickets and they already installed the switchback. Hopefully, it will manage large crowds.

NA 74 5.jpg

I will end it off with the building where the guests can enter the park and the path that will lead to the plaza area.
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