Nashville's Adventure

August 1973

Hello. My name is Charlie Acree. I have been a businessman for years now. Recently, I have gotten interested in the amusement park industry after being influenced by the success of Disneyland. I was thinking “Hey, a certain city in Tennessee needs a successful amusement park”. It took me months and months, but I successfully purchased the land near Nashville. I went to the land today to check it out and I was amazed by the natural beauty of the land. There was a lake in the middle of it along with the little island. I cannot wait to see the process of my park. For now, here’s a couple of pictures from today.

NA 73 1.jpg
NA 73 2.jpg
January 1974

NA 74 1.jpg

I have decided to visit the site today and were already making good progress on the entrance area. They will start working in other areas soon.

Here’s a little pond that the guests will see when they first walk into the park. They haven’t installed the fountain yet.

NA 74 3.jpg

This is the guest relations building. The signages will be added very soon.

NA 74 4.jpg

Here’s the building where guest can buy tickets and they already installed the switchback. Hopefully, it will manage large crowds.

NA 74 5.jpg

I will end it off with the building where the guests can enter the park and the path that will lead to the plaza area.
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July 1974


It’s been months since the last time I visited this site and a lot has changed from a few months ago. Apparently, the construction on this park is finishing faster than scheduled. The first change I noticed is the rest of the fences near the lake has been added.


The buildings on the plaza is already completed the exterior work, they are working on the interior right now, but I will not show you the inside today.


More pictures of the buildings in the plaza.



I have plans to install a ride or two somewhere in either of those two areas.


Here’s the view of the bridge and the main icon of the park. The Ferris Wheel.


Welcome to the new area of the park. The church will be the main weenie of the area. On the side note, there will be a lot more trees implanted after the construction is done. Let’s take a tour of the new area.


The general store and the flat ride of this area.


One of the facades for the area.


Here’s a restaurant that if Golden Corral had a baby with Crackle Barrel. In the next update I will be talking about the main attraction of this area.
Authors Update 1

Hello everyone. It's been a while since the last update. There will be more coming soon but here's a few things I like to address.

I've been planning things and mostly working on a brand new area that you will see in the next update. I will have the picture preview and the logo below to see what's to come. Second reason is that recently my game itself has suffered a major slowdown due to my RAM almost being full, so I ordered the 16 GB RAM. It should come next week. Finally, for the release date of my next update could be either Late September or Early October.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a good day and I will see you for the next update.

NA 74 19.jpg

The park looks great so far, I find making an entrance to be quite difficult sometimes, so I'm a little jealous 😝 can't wait to see more, I love these show and tell type things. Then again, I love looking at all the hard work people put into their parks and the stories that go along with it. Shame there isn't more people doing it xD
July 1974 Sequel

Hello. I am about to take you on the exclusive tour of Sasquatch. The world’s tallest and fastest coaster when it opens in 1975. Let us begin with our entrance shed.

This shed is where the guards used to be guarding the area where the facility is.

We have now entered the restriced area

Here’s the building where the scientists sleep and tracking the possible sasquatch down.

Here’s the footprints where the family of campers discovered the roar of sasquatch. Here’s the rest of the pictures for the queue area.

We’re still decorating the interior of the station, but here’s a preview.

Here’s the view that you will see when you get off this ride.

Here’s the final few pictures of Sasquatch. See you next time.
November 1974

It’s been forever since I visited the site of this park. There’s a lot of things are different than when we last left off. Let us take a tour on the progress of this park.

In the area we now called, Nashville Street. We built a small pier for guests to view the lake and the Ferris Wheel.

Now, the main topic of this update is the newest area of the park called Town Square. We start off this tour with a diner along with a new asphalt pathway that will be decorated with road markings.

Here’s the main plaza of this area along with the theater in front of it. You will also get the view of the coaster which we will talk more about later.

This is Flying Eagles. It’s a flying scooter model. You will enjoy the view of the little pond while you’re flying. Here’s a few shots of the ride including the queue.

Here’s a little sneak peek at the backstage of the theater along with the employee’s break room.

Here’s a couple of shots of the buildings in this area.

We recently built a carousel.

Now for the main attraction of this area. It is a steel looping roller coaster called Dixie. When this coaster opens, it will be the world’s first ever four inversion coaster. The three inversions will consist of double loop and double corkscrew. We will end this update with shots of this coaster.

(Sorry for the long, long wait. But I am glad that I finally got this update up. Since all of the major stuff is done for the park, hopefully the upload schedule will be at a faster and smoother pace from here. See you guys later and see you in the next update).
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