Release NeuRoHel

I've made a simple app which should make traveling along neutron routes more convenient.
Shortly speaking... if you will prepare properly list of neutron stars (taken from Neutron Plotter website) and you will paste it to NeuRoHel, whenever you will press defined shortcut first system from the list will be copied to clipboard and you will be able to paste it right to Search field in ED map. No more Alt+Tab!

All instructions are included in manual.pdf inside download package.
Package contains two files: neurohel.exe and manual.pdf.

App is written in Java, because of this 64-bit JVM is mandatory.
Download it from here (Windows Offline 64-bit):

Link to app: NeuRoHel

Currently I use it to travel to Beagle Point and it works like a charm. But I can't promise it is bug-free.
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