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Hello park managers!

We're excited to reveal that in a few weeks time, we will be upgrading the Frontier forums to a brand new system! This will allow us to modernize the forums, improve their accessibility, and help make it easier for you to participate in the discussions that matter to you!

Our new forums are set to go live at the end of March. We're working hard to ensure that your account details carry across and that there's be minimal disruption for you.

As part of the update we're taking the opportunity to streamline forum sections so it will be easier for you to navigate topics of interest. Here are some of the changes:

  • New game-specific forums allowing you to focus on discussing the game that matters most to you;
  • Planet Coaster is joining the Frontier forums and will no longer be a separate site;
  • Streamlined forum sections so you don't have to check multiple areas to find the information you want;
  • Connect your Frontier account - one system for all your Frontier needs!
  • New forum options such as tags to improve searching for content and badges to unlock for participating;
  • Global Off Topic area.
We'll be removing inactive forum sections to make it easier to access all current discussions. The changes will be game-specific, so please check out these forum announcements in each game section to see what changes are coming to that game's forums. Here are the changes for the Jurassic World Evolution-specific section of the forums:

  • InGen Database will be removed;
  • A new Guides section will be added for you to share guides, tips and advice;
  • A new Dinosaurs section will be added so you can talk about anything dinosaur-related;
  • A New Hammond Creation Lab section will be added where you can share all your Jurassic World Evolution creations, from videos and screenshots to fan art;
  • The Bunker will be merged with the global Off Topic section;
  • Bug Reports and Support will be moved to their own dedicated websites.
In terms of Bug Reporting and Support systems, we will be launching a new, dedicated bug tracking website in order for us to make that process easier, better, and more manageable! You will be able to log issues as you're used to, and the community will be able to vote on your issue which will consider it confirmed - this means we can put more focus into examining the highest ranked issues.

Although we have made these changes to improve the functionality of the forums, please do be aware that we will still be fine-tuning going forward. Should changes be required we'll be able to alter this and add/remove new forum sections if necessary.

We're really looking forward to sharing these changes with you. If you have any concerns or queries please post them here and we'll do our best to answer them as soon as possible.
[*]A New Hammond Creation Lab section will be added where you can share all your Jurassic World Evolution creations, from videos and screenshots to fan art;
Nice! There's so much good stuff out there, it will be great to it all merged into one place to browse during my morning coffee! :D
Nice, will be looking forward to this, but mind if I ask this.

Will the Ideas & Feature Request remain? Or relabelled? Or be removed?
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