new ideas

here are some DLC ideas for jurassic world evolution.

1. petting zoo for baby versions of all the dinosaurs already in the game.
2. an arctic island for ice age animals.
3. ludia skin pack with skin patterns from jurassic park builder, jurassic world the game and jurassic world alive
4. hybrid pack #2 includes ankyloceratops, styracoceratops and kentrokylosaurus.
5. triassic pack includes postosuchus, coelophysis, plateosaurus and placerias
6. permian pack includes dimetrodon, gorgonopsid, edaphosaurus, lystrosaurus, and scutosaurus.
I gotta be honest, at this point I only see number 5 and 6 happening, but at the same time, I have a feeling any future DLC for JWE is just going to be in the sequel instead.

If there is a JWE 2 (Planet Jurassic?) in the works.
1. They will def not use a crazy amount of time designing babies and juveniles for all species. They would also need to make entire new animations and sounds. It would take forever. Not realistic.
2. This has nothing to do with the Jurassic franchise. Will not happen.
3. As they don't have the rights to use these skins this will not be possible either. No reason for them to buy the rights, when we have so many skins in the first place.
4. Couldn't care less about a hybrid monster...

The last two maybe... But that's it.
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