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Why put a single new flat ride .. usually it's 2 - 3 see a little more ...
There isn't any flat rides, there's 2 coasters (well, 1 with 2 different trains) and 1 transport ride.

According to Bo in the "World's Fair Pack" thread, rides take too long to create and are time consuming / cost a lot of money, but hey, hopefully with this Thememakers Tool-kit, Frontier will stop pushing out themed packs nobody asked for and start releasing free ride updates / ride packs (hopefully more generic) and maybe they'll work on things like fixing coaster cams/smoothing, scalable splash downs on water rides and scalable coaster pieces like the lift on the eurofighter & boomerang coasters.
The World's Fair Pack also features two new coasters and a RIDE !!! The Jixxer and Interceptor are a dueling duo of launched motorcycle coasters with a high-speed hydraulic launched track and riders leaning into the corners as they embark on a crazy motorcycle race! The Polarity is an unmanned rapid transport system using magnetic forces to propel the train forward at great speed. It has a unique and flexible track system with a futuristic feel

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