New player looking for social

Hey, i recently started playing after about 25 years (Frontier Elite). I've ran some missions and explored a bit, and wanted to join a group, people to chat with etc as it's lonely in space. I've started to play in VR, am by no means experienced but always learning.

I enjoy a bit of everything but especially like exploration.

Any recommendations. I am in Europe.
Welcome to Elite Dangerous Commander Eddiemorris
Let me introduce you to the Alliance Rapid-reaction Corps. (ARRC for short)

Our group is fairly active and has Commanders from all over Europe and a few in the USA. so it looks like youwould be a good fit for us.

If you want to get help , advice and company you could do worse than pop into our Discord and take a look around,
If nothing else we can steer you with good advice on exploration builds etc, and give you a place to chat with other commanders when you feel the need for a bit of company.

You are not required to join our player faction but if you do then you should know.
We don't have a lot of rules, and what we have you can read and understand in a few minutes.
Reading and agreeing to them is our only entry requirement. We also insist you take a little time to get to know us before joining.

We are a possibly one of the friendliest, small Player Minor Factions. We are a well established group of about 40 players with a presence in over 30 of the "Old Worlds"
Our base of operations is in our home system of Zaonce, Ridley Scott station.
The home of the Zaonce Fleet and the Bank of Zaonce.
Our systems include Arque, the home of Professor Palin and Tionisla, where the famous Ships Graveyard is reputed to bear permanent monument to many a brave pilot.

Time zone is GMT UK but we have a few American players and are to be found online pretty much any time.
We are actively seeking Console players, and players in the US to boost our US, PS4 and Xbox divisions.

Most of all we know a lot about the game and the best ways to quickly attain your goals.

We really don't mind who you are or where you come from. If you want to be our friends and allies then you will be.
Better still. Why not join us?

A lot of us were here in '84 and as far as game play goes we moslty bimble about engaging in pretty much whatever comes to mind.

Our activities include PVE exploration
PvP in Arque protecting commanders looking for Prof. Palin against gank squads.
PvP in a training group called "Fighter Club" (See my signature. No membership required)
Thargoid hunting in the Pleiades
Racing SLFs, SRVs and other vehicles in odd and remote locations
Driving SRVs into space stations...

Well you get the idea. Pretty much anything that's fun.
Join our forum thread and lend us your ideas.

Background Simulation or Powerplay?
Yes we also involve ourselves in the Background Simulation and Powerplay aspects of the game. Flipping systems for the Alliance, fighting to keep or control systems etc.

You pretty much couldn't find a more friendly bunch of commanders with an eye for fun and a taste for adventure always on the lookout for new and exciting things to try.

Come along and give us a go. Join our Discord channel or the Fighter Club thread, or you could apply on INARA where you will find our Faction page.

Greetings Commander,

The Nova Navy might very well be what you are looking for. The squadron operates as the navy of the Nova Imperium faction made by Frontier Developments, giving us lots of viable gameplay options. We offer places for all kinds of willing Commanders, and explorers are no exclusion to that. Think of duties in line with our lore to explore the secrets of Aegis and how they work against humanity, as well as being our first arrival into systems anew.

I could produce a long list of our activities, but I would like to hear from you if you want to hear more first. So with that said, I hope to hear from you Commander.

Memento Mordanticus
I'm late to the party, but if you are still looking for a friendly group to play with then maybe consider the Independence Separatist Fleet. We are a relatively small group of PC players based in the UK and Europe.

We have people online every day, are happy to help new players and we play all the different aspects of the game.

Or join us. We don't do cut and paste :D

If you look closer, the messages are customized to the individuals. I know I have read them all (and written a few).

Also, you never say ‘who you are’ 🤷🏻‍♂️
Might make recruiting a bit easier 😁
Meant as a helpful critic, not as an insult! We all support such other here, plenty of recruits to go around. So let us know your allegiance and I for one would direct people to you that are better suited to your faction/squadron, as I have done in the past for Dharrach, Yumasai and others. 😁
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