New type of ground

Hey everyone,

I check to see if anyone as already brought this up but I don't find anything (If I did miss something, please just tell me where the thread is and I will be on my way [happy]). The game is so great and it's super cool to be able to create everything who goes trhough our mind but here's the thing. Sometime, I build a great scenery (well at least, great for me lol) and then I'm displease because I don't have the «right ground» to make a perfect fit.

It could be great if we were able to put snow, mud or a ground full of fallen leaves for example. It will make some scenery more realistic and it will boost the possibility (which are already huge, I gave you this). Also, it could be cool to have more weird or fantastic ground. It could be a tech-ground with wires and light (pretty much like Tron), some ice-cream with chocolate chip get the idea [big grin]

Water could follow the same patern. So you could have the nice clear water we already have or the deep ocean blue, the tropical one, frozen water or weirder stuff (chocolate river is a great exemapl...I love candy-land hehe)

So thanks to hear me out, hope you guys will reply :D
i really like this idea. Complete the whole area theme like alot of parks around the world.

JUST THINK a Wreck It Ralph themed park where you could recreate the whole surge protector lobby for the games.
That could be simply awesome! There's many possibility of ground and water we could use to create different theme or scene from movies and series as well