New 'Wraith' Gear Set, Available Now!


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Greetings Commanders...

Be as one with the shadows and strike fear into your adversary's ranks, with this bone chilling 'Wraith' Gear Set for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey.

This new gear set comes in five colourways and are a permanent addition to the gamestore catalog - these are NOT exclusive only to the Halloween period:
Each sold individually for 6400 ARX each and is available only for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Commanders.

AVAILABLE NOW in the Elite Dangerous gamestore.

Don't forget that as part of 'Steam Scream 2023', Frontier are hosting devilish discounts on Elite Dangerous products, with savings such as:
This promotion runs until November 2nd at 17:00 GMT, so if there are any 'would be awesome Commanders' out there that you know would like to venture out into the black for the first time, or to simply give the gift of The Galaxy at a seasonal special price, there's no better time once again.

For full information on all of our current promotions, from titles to cosmetics and merch, head on over to the full breakdown of goodies in this post here.

All the very best to you as always, Commanders.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead o7
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In the shop Grey and Blue are Spectre the rest are Harbinger.

Does that mean buying them puts you in the Doom(tm) camp?

Am I doing it right?
Could you please make a change to the armor so the skirt is visible when you sit in the pilot seat of your ship :) anyway love the armor set...
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