Newbie needs help :P

Hey folks...I fairly new to the game & partway though the scenario's but thought i'd start a sandbox game, I've created this Sci-fi park entrance which im fairly happy with & wanted to save the whole set up as a blueprint but some parts are not encluded "in the whole building".... for example the "hull" on the right isnt yet the one on the left is? I thought i read online that Scenery & Building couldnt be combind but that wouldnt explan the other Hull sections?

Can anyone tell me what im doing wrong?, I've tried replacing & making sure "add to building" is ticked

Many Thanks
The New Guy
Sci-fi building.jpg
Ah think I've just answers my own question lol....Wasnt looking out for the "add to building" on screen prompt, think i just got to go back over the loose bits
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