Roller Coasters Ninja - A realistic B&M floorless + custom inversions!

Hey everyone, welcome to another video of a custom floorless coaster design called Ninja! Every part of this ride is completely hand done (except for the loop)...the rest of the inversions are completely custom. I've learned a few tricks to make relatively realistic and smooth custom inversions which I may make a video on in the future when time permits. Anyways, Ninja was built with an idea founded from one of the comments on my previous videos as well as the fact that I am indeed half Japanese which helped give some inspiration. The goal of Ninja was to give rides a realistic B&M experience in Planet Coaster while simultaneously coloring it to go along with a bamboo theme. The track itself winds around itself smoothly while also intensely through a dense forest giving the riders an experience of flying through a forest as we all associate to ninjas. Enjoy as always!

That´s a great design! Lovely transitions, very smooth with a good flow.
The only tiny thing that´s a bit off is the angled, slightly uneven brake-run.
Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I definitely agree and other people have pointed it out in the comment section. That section was originally normal track, but I ended up making it a brake section to experiment with something, but never changed it back and by the time 4-5 hours had passed editing and rendering the video, I was hard pressed to want to go back and re-make the video just for such a small part :/.
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