No depth perception using Odyssey+


I've been away for a few years and now I'm trying to get back into the game. I use an Odyssey+ and everything works fine except there is no 3D feeling, no depth perception at all. Same device in anything else works as expected so it must be something with Elite (maybe its configuration). I used Oculus a few years back and it worked great, the immersion was breath taking.

Does anyone have any idea how to start investigating this?

Thank you.
There's the settings in ED to consider. Maybe back them up and reset. There's also your video profile for the game. Does Odyssey+ have an ipd adjustment?

Does the image change as you move your head? Can you see that foreground objects move more than background objects?
This sounds very much like you're viewing a monoscopic image rather than a steroscopic image. I don't know if there's a force mono setting in ED, but if there is, it could be the problem.
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