No Imperial Systems??


I was out looking for Imperial systems as I need G5 Imperial Shielding mats, but looking for such systems yielded absolutely NONE?

What am I missing here??

I dragged the bubble around like a cat chasing a mining laser, but I didn't see a single system.

Does that mean even missions won't offer Imperial Shielding as a reward??
Do a few Robigo missions, take Exquisite Focus Crystals mats as reward (there's a lot of them on offer), exchange for Imperial Shielding.
Imho that'd be faster than looking around systems.
You may have some filter settings messing this up.

Try searching for Achenar, it's imperial. If you can't see the star even when you search for it directly, check your filters.

Try Inara or EDDB as well. They'll help you find specific systems by type much faster.

PS you can't get imperial shielding from missions. But getting imperial shielding is fast, particularly if you know how to reset the USS after you find high grade emissions that has them (scoop up, restart game fully from desktop, load back in, go to supercruise with 0 throttle, boost to jump, check contacts for the USS, target it, spin round at 30kms then reenter it for the same mats - repeat until the USS timer expires, find another one).
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All planned ! Next , the feds !

(you seems to have a problem with your map filters btw , did you search for very hight populated system in the same time or maybe something else ?)
Yes... HG USS in Imperial systems. That's the thing...there aren't any.
See my above. You could be filtering for Imperial government, which doesn't exist, instead of Empire allegience. The latter is what "Imperial systems" are.

E.g. referring to the below screenshot, if you're looking for "Imperial" in that list, that is NOT what you want to do.


Instead, you want to filter by allegiance for empire, like this (old shot, still valid)

Screenshot_20200917-162444_Samsung Internet.jpg
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