No More Storms Challenge mode guide

As you Read Challenge Mode Jurassic Hard Difficultly has a chink in his armor, this video helped me unlock the Albertosaurus Jungle skin and the 1993 T Rex Skin Pattern A , I suggest you listen to the exact instructions from this video in order to beat challenge mode for those who are struggling 2 beat challenge mode in Jurassic difficulty. This is for Xbox PS4 and PC players who are struggling with challenge mode Jurassic difficulty maybe aswell as the new Nintendo switch players going to receive their copies on November 3rd.

Jurassic Difficulty Challenge Mode

how to beat Jurassic difficulty challenge mode by Evolution Square.
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Technically, we don't know if this exploit works for the Switch version yet. I think it probably still would, given the intention of not overloading the game, but of course it's not a guarantee.

The age old advice is to work your way up through the difficulties (you do still get a skin for playing an island after all), even getting 5 stars on easy is more than a lot of people have done, including myself.
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