First of all, I know that Frontier will most likely add more animations to the game (hopefully soon)

So far, I really enjoy this game, despite of all the criticism. But what I have noticed is, that the Dinosaurs really don't do that much. They gather themselves in small groups every now and then to "socialize". But where is the herding, the play fighting or the territorial fights between Trikes or Pachys.
I put just recently one Dracorex too much into an enclosure and they all started attacking each other until three died. !!!!!!
I of course want my dinosaurs to be happy so I ensure that everything is in that blue area. They really should do play fighting and the other stuff I mentioned, you know, without hurting themselves (at least not much). I'm still very stunned from all of the dinosaurs of this game, but they don't do any interesting stuff until you force it. I hope this will come with the next couple of patches.

PS.: Would love to see Concavenator and/or Kosmoceratops make it in (perhaps already next week ;) )

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