Not goodbye, just o7

Bruce G

Senior Community Manager
Greetings Commanders,

I have bittersweet news. Following some re-shuffling among the Community teams at Frontier, I'm moving on to new projects and stepping back from Elite.

It's been just over three years since I joined Frontier and thrust into the galaxy of Elite Dangerous. Since then, I have grown and learned an incredible amount and thoroughly enjoyed engaging with members of the community. Above all aspects of the job, interacting with players directly has always been my favourite. I would like to thank you all for your involvement here on the forums, Discord servers, Twitch chats, and everywhere else. Being a part of that has been an absolute pleasure.

Elite is in fantastic hands with Arthur, Paul, and Sally on the community team and knowing what's coming this year in Update 15 and beyond, I will watch things unfold with excitement. Meanwhile, I'll still be at Frontier so you may see me involved in other games - please feel free to say hello!


~ Bruce


Community Manager
No!!!!!! Who is going to shoot Arf in the back now? :)

More seriously, Good luck and thanks for the happy times.
Bruce has already prepared a number of traps to ensure his legacy continues.


Volunteer Moderator
Oh that's a real to hear Bruce. We're really going to miss you being on the streams and the interactions with the others, especially Arf. Though maybe you won't miss that as much ;)

Thanks for everything you've done with Elite over the years and good luck with what you move onto next, I look forwards to it.


You will be missed ! Thanks for all your commitment and energy over the years. Best of luck with your new endeavours.

o7 Bruce! May your new endeavours bring you much reward even if you won't be in Elite: Dangerous as much as before. :)
All the best cap'n, was good having you here and interacting on the odd matter along the way. Hope distant games treat you well, and that all goes well in general :)
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