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In my short time in 3.3 yesterday, I being out in the dark regions of space was learning the new Exploration keybinds and learning how to scan a system with the FSS (took a lot less time than I was expecting, including key binds) and also using the new Discovery Scanner.

I have a few questions though. First I've found a couple of Notable Stellar Phenomena in several systems. When I have, I just target the closest planet to it, fly there and then in my NAV menu, target the phenomena as I would with any other signal source, etc.

Once I get into the Stellar Phenomena, I just do the scan and they it tells me what I found and that it's been added to the Codex. When I open the Codex, I see that I've discovered this or that phenomena, where it was, what sector, how many others have been discovered there, etc.

My first question is, is that all I need to do? Is there anything I can do with the things I find at this point? I don't have weapons to shoot at them, not cargo space to collect anything, but once I do one scan of the phenomena, is that all I need to do? Or do I need to target each object and try and scan those as well for other things?

Second, and this goes kind of broader. Since it's been added to the Codex, do I still have to return to a station to cash in the discovery and get it officially recognized? Or is it automatically now updated and remains discovered even if I blow up or someone else finds it and gets to a station before me?

Along with that last point, do we still have to 'cash' in our discovered planets and systems to get them tagged and cashed out as we did before and endure the endless pages of getting our bonuses and values, etc?

Haven't had much time to look into this, so just curious...
I am tempted to simply answer "We don't know yet, this is entirely new!"

And it's part of the fun to figure it out, much like the canonn reseach group didn't know what to do with unknown artifacts (now thargoid sensors) back when they were first found. Time to do science! ^_^ There's no roadmap for the unknown.

For your last question it is known: yes, you still must sell the data to get discovered by/mapped by tags officially recognized.
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Whenever the game tells you that you have been given a Codex voucher for X Cr that is something that needs to be turned in at a space station contact, the authority one (also used for bounties etc.). You can see in your left hand panel how much you have in Codex vouchers and if you select that entry it tells you to turn them in as above. Entries appear in the Codex for you as Confirmed the moment you scan them but I don't know if these appear for anyone else without the vouchers being turned in or not. If you can see my name under Brain Trees (Roseus and one of the others also), then it appears for everyone else as well the moment you scan them.
As to what interactions are possible with some of the things in the Notable Stellar Phenomena, this is untried in live so you are free to experiment. I heard some rumours in the beta of things that could be done but I have not yet found any myself to determine if they work in live, so I'd rather not mention them until then. I want to test a few things as well!
Ok that helps then. Maybe it's saved for my when I discover them, but if I die on my way to a station then they get released maybe to the next person to scan them or something?

So exploration as normal then, just will take me a lot longer now to get back with the new FSS system as it is kind of cool using it.

As for the Stellar Phenomena then, I guess I'm not missing out as it's still unknown, or more likely the objects are targetable, but not maybe incorporated yet as what can be done with them. Like some of the elements we got when Engineers first came out and some things had no use at first until later updates.

Figure one can shoot at some of these Phenomena, like crystals and Ice and weird life pods, etc and maybe collect things. I just am unequipped to test that out with my current ship and might be awhile before swapping out to my more versatile explorer ship which has more capabilities. For now, I'll just do the basic scan of these phenomena and leave it as that...
Here is a FSS-sample. But you do not have to use the FSS to uncover the Notable Stellar Phenomena. It is in the nav-panel, even without honking, as far as I remember.

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