News Notice - Background Simulation (19/02)


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  • G 65-9
  • Alchemy Den and G 65-9 Universal PLC
  • March 3rd - March 5th,
  • Doing INF+++++ missions for Alchemy den, CMDRs: Skittles058, Jnroc, AnubisNor. A total of 14+++++ missions were recorded, maybe a few more not recorded
  • The expected results: INF Gain for Alchemy Den to match for controlling war.
  • INF Decrease for two days now even with multiple missions being done in a relatively small system.
System: UGP 485
Election: The Dukes of Mikunn vs New UGP 485 Order
Date: Ended March 11th
Actions: During the initial phase of the election The Dukes of Mikunn were supported by various missions, without any effect on the conflict status. We switched to courier poll data missions only, as there had been reports that this might be effective. This was successful and the election won.
System: Andhrimi
Faction: Paladin Consortium

Date: 14 March 2019
Actions Performed: 6 Missions for Paladin Consortium by CMDR NEILKD with a total of 28 Inf+ Points

Date: 15 March 2019
Actions Performed: 10 Missions for Paladin Consortium by CMDR NEILKD with a total of 40 Inf+ Points

Expected Result: An increase in Influence for Paladin Consortium in Andhrimi

Actual Result: After the Update Tick on 14 March Paladin Consortium's Influence down by 1%. No change in Influence on 15 March. The only observed change was Happiness moved from Happy to Ecstatic.


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  • G 65-9
  • Alchemy Den, G 65-9 Universal PLC
  • Tuesday, March 12 - Saturday, March 16th, 2019
  • War Bonds and Battles Won being turned in for Alchemy Den:
    - CMDRs Arburich, StormySan, Jeros Calmera, Damjunk, Skittles058, AnubisNor, Jnroc, Ferretpaint, Sir_Richard, Ernos, Eteri
- Over the course of these few days, we have turned in countless bonds and battle screenshots, but every day after the first has ended in a loss.

  • The expected results : Winning a war against a faction in a small system with no PMF and no commanders seen.
  • The actual results : Losing said war no matter how many people we are killing and bonds we are turning in. We have turned in such a massive amount that there should be no contest.
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- System Simyr

Edit: my cdmr name is Fry NoobVerdammter

Outcome 2.5% increase, what should be atleast 5% to 8%
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Is it possible that we can get a Monthly update, on the progress that FD has made in the BGS fixing? Would be very encouraging....

Im now at the point, that i have given up on this system. Its very depressive that you see only a fraction of progress, what actually would be happening ;(
Its very depressive that you see only a fraction of progress, what actually would be happening ;(
This is presumably intentional, at least while they tune the rest of it.
  • We have also looked at the amount of movement that occurs per tick and you may find movement is slightly slower. This is done for two reasons:
  • Firstly, we believe it will help with the first point above.
  • Secondly, that it provides us more wiggle room whilst we balance and tweak the BGS further.
Just recently I flipped my first system (quiet, 1.7Mio population outside of the PP bubble). Everything worked as expected, inf increase per tick was usually between 3 and 5, the system I wanted to get in control (independent) started with somewhat like 7% while the controlling system (FED) was far above 60%. Civil war was over after 4 days and to my surprise the main station already changed ownership on day 5 (I expected a cooldown, is this new?). I found the whole process surprisingly easy and straightforward, all the more for the first timer that it was to me.

I'm not saying the BGS works flawlessly, but in my single example it certainly seems so. Maybe you can spot some patterns from the conditions I described above and why my system might be different from yours...

Forgot to mention, I never worked actively on the controlling system but it lost almost synchronously inf which came to a surprise to me. Didn't expect that and still don't understand why, though I certainly won't complain. ;) On day 5 (after the ownership has changed) I had the expected inf difference of 8%. But on day 6, after just a few low inf missions on day 5, the next tick brought an even bigger difference. And this was the true surprise! As if everything would work almost too good in my favor.

FWIW, this station flip isn't noted in eddb yet...
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when could we expect missions influence to be fixed ? Now it is ever more grindy than before... To have reduce the missions to 1/4 of what they were before is insane.
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Cmdr drfist-md, at vertunnus, in high cz (pixel bandits security force vs. vertumnus silver allied exchange).
When I force a capital ship to flee, the battle win/lose sliders disappear and it becomes impossible to win or lose the battle. This happened today at approx. 8:00 gmt.
This also occured multiple times last week in the pbsf war vs. pyemsito.
I'd be happy if FD'ev just changed the exchange rate on grade 5 materials from 6/1 to 3/1 until the BGS is fixed. Improvised Components no longer spawn. 6/1 trade ratio on a broken game mechanic is not fair.
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