NVIDIA Aftermath: How to provide more information with crashes

NVIDIA 940 crash every time starting the actual game

Have NVIDIA 940... I experience a crash immediately after the game begins and takes me to the park. Have already tried suggestions on the crash support page. Did not help.

Used Aftermath

Steam ID - stevensuess88

Just bought the game today and would love to play [cry]
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Hi everyone!

We’ve been working hard to try and track down some of the more obscure graphics crashes that some of you might have been seeing and now we need your help.

For anyone who is experiencing crashes when running Planet Coaster and is also using an NVIDIA graphics card, we would like you to try enabling an option to give us a bit more information. To enable this, please make sure you have the latest NVIDIA drivers installed, then right click on Planet Coaster in your Steam library and select “Properties”, from there you will see the "Set Launch Options" button on the General tab. Clicking this will allow you to enter this text exactly: “ -enableaftermath 1” (dash at the start, space before the one).

This will enable NVIDIA’s new Aftermath GPU crash tool next time you play, which will help us track down some of the causes of crashes on all GPUs.

After you have enabled this, if you do experience a crash, please put your email in the crash report pop-up box and also include the word “Aftermath” as well as a short description of what you were trying to do. If you can also post in this thread with your Steam ID number (you can find this here) after the crash, that would be really helpful.

Do note that running Aftermath reduces your game’s performance, so please only turn it on when you’re helping us get more information regarding these crashes!

Thank you all so much for helping us track down this extra information so that we can make Planet Coaster more fun for everyone!


this game sucks i need a refund and it won't let me get one


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this game sucks i need a refund and it won't let me get one
You have to contact Steam Support if you want a refund. Generally speaking you should be able to get a refund if you’ve bought the game less than 14 days ago and haven’t played for more than 2 hours.

Is there something specific that makes you want to refund the game?
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Funny thing, I got an e-mail about this post and misread it to be a response to me.... [wacky]

HAHHA! I was like what the heck, I didn't say that!

I think Planet Coaster is a great game. [up]
((2 times out of maybe 200 times it did NOT crash when trying to exit))

UPDATE = After the latest updates from Steam the crashes are all mostly gone.

Now it is reversed. It crashes maybe 2 times out of 200 hehe...
AND the game runs more smoothly. !

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I'm still having issues with crashes on startup. I've tried about every fix that has been suggested online. So far, none work. Just send a report using NVidia Aftermath. Steam ID is as follows: STEAM_0:1:28752553.
I tried opening up all my rides and coasters and got 15 000 + Guests. (in 4K)...... The all moved in slow-motion but it did not crash. But it crashes some times just randomly it seems like.

Have played at least 2000 hours. Time flies when you are having fun.
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