Notice o7 Commanders, undocking from Frontier station!

Wow. Sad to hear that Paige. Fond, but sad, memories of the work we all did for Michael's story. So much thanks for all the work you put in for that.

Good luck with your next adventure, you'll be missed here!


Awww man! This is sad news for me. I honestly love Paige's presence in Frontier. She's got that happy/bubbly personality that has always made her incredibly approachable and personable. She's always been kind and friendly. Plus, she's a fellow NSP fan... good times!

I wish Paige the very best of luck at her future endevors and I know that wherever she goes will be better with her aboard.

I'll miss you.

Well, still me! I'll be at ECM :D
Glad you mentioned that - Ascorbius is looking forward to a Gang Beasts rematch (at which he'll fail miserably of course, but he's ever hopeful - it's his way)🤪

Sorry to see you're moving on from this gig, but you can rest assured that you're absolutely leaving a ton of good memories in your wake for the Elite community to remember you by. 🥳

Good luck in whatever direction the winds of galactic fate steer you next Paige! o7
All the best Paige. You've put up with a lot and the professional and above all friendly way you have interacted with the community is to be commended. I hope whatever new venture you are embarking on is successful and brings you all you wish for. We'll miss you.
Hello Commanders,

With my heart full of pride and love for the Elite Dangerous community, I’m afraid I have to tell you that February will be my last month here at Frontier Developments. I’ve spent the last four years learning so many skills and meeting so many incredible Commanders, however it’s time for me to spread my wings and embark on a new adventure!

I started here at Frontier Developments in April of 2016 in the Customer Service Wing as CMDR Normandy, before becoming a Social Media Manager and eventually a Community Manager for one of the coolest space games on the planet. It’s truly been a wonderful journey, and though I can’t highlight every fantastic moment of my time here, I want to mention just a few things that will always be with me.
  • With your help, we’ve raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for Special Effect, helping to support disabled gamers and get them back into the game. This charity is incredibly close to my heart and I couldn’t be prouder whenever I see a member of the Elite Dangerous community flying the Special Effect flag.
  • The moment that CMDR DoveEnigma13 arrived at the Dove Enigma megaship in Colonia caused me to sob uncontrollably. To me, there’s no better way to explain to people just what the Elite Dangerous community are like than to tell them the story of the Dove Enigma, but I’ll let CMDR Mach1ne’s heart-warming video tell the tale.
  • The reveal of the 2.4 update was just epic. We’d worked on plans for so long to tell the Elite Dangerous community that the Thargoids were back, and the second that we said those words, you could hear a pin drop. The excitement was palpable and the reaction from the community was second to none.
  • Singing with the Lake Band during the 24 Hour Charity Stream was awesome, and from the very first practice session, I could just feel how amazingly talented and kind the band was. They welcomed me with open arms, and it was an honour to perform with them.
  • The last (but definitely not least) memory I'd like to share is meeting the inspirational CMDR Michael Holyland and his family. Michael's candle may have extinguished too soon, but the legacy he leaves behind burns brightly in the heart of every Commander who remembers him.
In my job I’ve had the opportunity to work with most of the incredible teams that make up Frontier Developments, but I’d like to give a special shout out (unsurprisingly) to the Community Management team. The team are fantastic and I know that in the hands of Will, Stephen, Bo, Chante and Paul you’ll be looked after. You can also expect to see some new faces on the team over the next few months and I look forward to meeting them as well! Thank you team for everything you’ve taught me and for your friendship over the years!

If you want to keep up with me in the coming months then feel free to follow me on Twitter @PaigeHHarvey, or on Twitch at, I’d still love to hear from you all and I’ll be following Elite Dangerous all through 2020, there’s some epic things coming ;)

Thank you all for the last four years, don’t forget, you’re all incredible.

Fly safe, Paige! o7 We wish you best! Thx for all
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