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Hi ! [big grin]

When i watch the actual video of the alpha, i don't see a tool very important for me when i create buildings or other....
Specially when i draw on photoshop, i like to use the color picker, when i need a color i have already use.
But in this game i really want an "object picker", it's more easy to pick and object you have use, than seeking in the different page of objetc.

i know in the alpha only 2 themes are available, but with all objetc, scenaries.... but at the release, it can be more difficult and look for the object of your desire [woah]

I want to know your opinion about this, personaly i think is more comfortable when you create [happy]

see you soon in alpha [big grin]

(ps: sorry for my english i'm french so.... [uhh])

Edit: i think alt+ LMB can be the solution like in Photoshop.
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You mean, alt+LMB on an object makes it the currently selectable object for placement? That would be indeed terrific! [up]
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