[EMPIRE] Octavian Vanguard


Greetings Commanders,

The Octavian Vanguard are a Imperial squadron and faction, whose home systems and base of operation are in and around the Octans Constellation, situated in a key strategic area of Imperial territory on the border with the Federation.

The primary objectives of the Octavian Vanguard are to promote and defend Imperial worlds within the Octans and surrounding areas, deter hostile incursions that threaten the peace and prosperity of our home region and the spread of non-Imperial factions or powers influence, while also aggressively helping to further Imperial interests throughout the known galaxy.

We will also answer the call to come to the aid of and help defend any Imperial controlled systems that are unfortunate enough to come under Xeno attack.

As befits an Imperial squadron, we are an organisation that acts with honour and will protect all peaceful civilians and traders who pass through the Octans or choose to call it home. But wanted criminals and pirates or those who dare to violate Imperial sovereignty shall feel our wrath!

All hail the Emperor! Bask in Her Glory!


Squadron Information

We are active only on PC/Mac platform, most of our existing members are from the UK with a few also in other European countries so we most active in UK/EU Timezone, currently most active in the evenings and late mornings. Most of our members are aged 30+ so we are quite a mature squadron with a relaxed / friendly atmosphere.

Octavian Vanguard are open to recruitment for Imperial commanders of all professions. We need dedicated traders, miners and explorers to help promote our faction's advancement and prosperity as well as dedicated combat pilots, bounty hunters and Anti-Xeno specialists for our military wing activities.

We offer objectives based gameplay for Imperial commanders with opportunities to engage in varied wing activities including bounty hunting, trading, mining, exploration, anti-Xeno as well as PowerPlay / PvP activities when the mood suits.

Faction Information

The Octavian Vanguard faction is a military dictatorship that rules with an iron fist and seeks complete supremacy of every system they control.

After securing our Ondi HQ system last October Octavian Vanguard faction has grown rapidly taking over multiple other systems

How To Join Us

1 - Apply to "Join Squadron" when logged in to Inara via our squadron roster on Inara - https://inara.cz/squadron/4154/

2 - Join our Discord server to introduce yourself and confirm your application - OV Discord

3 - Then use the squadron browser in game to find us by searching our tags "OVGD" and put in your application there.

CMDR Badd Mongo,

Squadron Commander,
Octavian Vanguard
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A busy couple of months for the Vanguard. Our recruitment efforts seem to have been working as our numbers have doubled in size other the past 6 weeks with the squadron now enjoying good levels of activity throughout UK / EU TZ.

And our minor faction has been making excellent progress with us now controlling 5 Star Systems along with 17 Stations and we have expansion to another for us to conquer nearing completion.
I am pleased to announce Octavian Vanguard has entered in to an alliance with Corvus Intelligence Group.

Octavian Vanguard has continued to grow rapidly since the last update, with another 10+ Cmdrs joining us over the last month and our faction has taken control of another star system, 4 more stations and expanded to a further 2 systems.
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