ANNOUNCEMENT Odyssey Update 2021


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Have to admit, I am pretty disappointed in this. Firstly no next generation console updates and now this.

Can of course appreciate the pandemic situation here in the UK which is pretty terrible.

It would be nice to get a little bit more detail on what 'After continued feedback, iterations and balancing' means in the context of Odyssey. Considering it looks much closer to release on PC.


Is it just me or is it indeed worrying that the time between the Alpha version of the game and the full release is merely a few months?
It was always going to be that though?

FDev aren't known for protracted testing periods. Besides original beta and delayed carriers launch, test periods have never been more than a month or two.

Open Beta will likely be midway between the start of alpha and launch. Should go without saying really.
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It's disappointment, but not a joke. I can understand your frustration, but would you feel better if a half baked game was released? I don't like bugs, personally, so I find it more acceptable to wait. Time flies, anyway. You'll see.
hope you put ED in the bin already so we don't have to see you in the black with that attitude o7
Just finished a 12 hour night shift and got home to read this news and got really peed off as I'm a console player. Bit over the top, I do apologise.
PC release – late spring 2021
Console release – autumn 2021
I'm a PC player and don't really like console gaming, but considering the shared galaxy in ED, I think it's too unfair to give us (PC players) a half-year advantage in marking planets with "first step".

So my suggestion is:
1. Delay PC release to make it the same day with consoles
2 PC team can spend the time to add ships interiors to PC only (console players should suffer, after all)
3. ...
4. Profit!
Disappointing but not surprising. Given the state the world is in I accept this delay, even though it's a disadvantage for console players. I don't expect the update this year at all, as I do think it will be delayed further. The only thing I hope for is that you don't cancel console development for Elite altogether.
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