Odyssey Update - Weapon Engineering Recipe Fixes

We expect that starting by listing the ingredients correctly, we'll see a lot fewer concerns about the amount of mats required. If there needs to be further balancing, we're open to feedback!

I hope so. Also, will we get material traders? And perhaps material specific storage? I mean, just going the same way as we went with Horizon materials...
Would love to see Bartenders upgraded with barter option like Material Traders for Assets & Data.
Something I think needs to be done is make the current "Engineer Mods" work like in every other modern FPS as attachments that you can freely swap & buy at Pioneer Supplies.
Then you could add actual Engineering in a similar form to ship modules (even inspired by them since you already have the SFX assets there)
Could be nice to have different firemodes too (eg : Aphelion changes from current pulse-like to beam-like at the cost of ammo & recoil)
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