Work In Progress Old West Saloon - Suggestions?

Hello! :) I've been working on an Old West theme, specifically a saloon. My husband plays Red Dead and I really wanted to make my western parks more like that game, thus, a saloon!

I'm just looking for opinions on how "done" my bar is. It's kind of plain right now. I'm worried because I don't want to make anything too heavy for the game. But I'm super open to suggestions! Like, I didn't add any bottles or extra details really but I'm not sure if I should. Also, bar stools are coming and other pieces that I didn't show here. I'm trying to make a complete saloon set.

I can add more pictures if you can't see it well.

Would it be prudent to add a few bottle assets so that people can put them on the bar? Seperate from this asset of course.
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