OMG How do you connect power....

I don't understand power in this game at all. Could someone please look at this picture and tell me why nothing is connected?
Not even the substation has power and it's connected to the power station by a pylon.

It's my understanding that buildings just have to be within the green radius of a power supply to be connected which everything is.
I'm at a loss and it's hard to proceed in the game without being able to do this and there really is nothing in the game that explains how to do it correctly.

look at this picture?

Do you have enough power stations to satisfy your parks output? Check the management screens and it should tell you how power is being generated and used. Maybe there's not enough power

Check that pylons are definitely going to your substations from your power stations. Also check that the power station is on, as it may be turned off
um, well the paths between those two buildings aren't connected to any of your other path parks and there's a path icon next to the power station so I'd guess, connect those paths to the rest of your park and see what happens

I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to achieve but I believe whatever that is, it's probably not something the game is designed to let you do
Might be able to add an arrival point or something like in there as well to get it working. Haven't tried it yet. Probably not a good idea with the guests and all, of course.
i was building in the enclosure because everything else said it was obstructed, but i finally did find an area to build the ACU center out of the enclosure.
i knew i was doing something dumb, just didn't now what it was. time to start the game over after wasting millions lol
yeah that's a good point, a monorail station can act as a connection point between two path sections in different areas of the park

Like you said though, being inside an enclosure probably isn't the best strategy...
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