On approach to Colonia...

There's a few places I can think of.

Carcosa- Robardin Rock is an asteroid base orbiting a hell world which is around 10 ls from a K type star (any data you could drop off would be much appreciated too 🙂).

Kinesi- Mortimer's Charm is a station in the ring which is around an ELW.

Jaques station (Colonia)- The most crowded station I've seen in the game due to 3 nearby tourist beacons. I recommend not using a docking computer here as you'll be waiting all day or you're at risk if being blown up in the queue for leaving.

Magellan- My favourite nav beacon- it's right on top of a neutron star. Turn orbit lines off for a fun approach.

Rodentia- another system if you like ringed ELWs.

Benziaten- Bisley Landing is a one of the 'white' tourist stations if you want a nice place to park

Others can probably add stuff as well.

Best stations for ships and outfitting are Colonia Dream (Ratraii), Colonia Hub and Jaques Station (both Colonia) and Robardin Rock (Carcosa).

Material traders (if you need them) are in Foster Terminal (Coeus)- manufactured, Tologarf's Junkyard (Kojeara)- raw, and Colonia Dream (Ratraii)- data.
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