Ships One Krait is not enough :)

OK, yesterday I saw one YT video and I simply bought Krait Phantom immediately.
I removed the G4 5A FSD from mining Python and put this drive into the Krait Phantom. Rest of modules I bought at Jacques and around -

I tested this beauty only briefly, but it is a wonderfull Explorer. I will use it in near future for a short trip from Colonia to Sagittarius A and back to Colonia.
Agreed got three mk 2's and a pair of Phantoms the incredibly efficient thruster boost make them great combat ships, on my alt account I flew out to Colonia in a mk2 then on to the station near Sag A, currently heading towards the opposite galactic rim
I have been playing this game since beta and never ever owned 2 of the same ship at the same time...until last month.

I already swapped out my exploration AspX with a Phantom, and then, I swapped out my Pirate Krait MkII for a Phantom as well.

Yep, I got two, a KombatKrait and ExploraKrait. I bought each one immediately upon availability. The Phantom is now my explorer. I needed money so I sold my Conda because of the ExploraKrait. The KombatKrait is now making me lots of rep and money ranking up for a Cutter; its a real good all-arounder.

I'm not into a 'say the biggest number to win' game, but... 5 Phantom and 4 MkII in my garage. I didn't sorry from them the G5 increased jump range, G3-G5 dirty drives, and the max engineering on LS, sensors, and if it have, on weapons. It mean A) I really love those ships, B) I'm idiot, and C) both. 🤷‍♀️😃

You players are totally nuts about Kraits. It wasn't a big deal in past Elite games. I'm not one to judge but maybe I just did. Sorry about that. But if a Krait from the past can get all this attention then maybe other larger Elite ships who haven't been introduced to ED yet will impress you more. There were 83 ships (Including the Thargoid versions) across all the Elite games plus more I haven't counted since ED added a few new ones.

I designed my Krait Mk II to fly to Guardian and Thargoid sites. It can land at places other players said could not be done and could deal with any Open players at these sites giving them a bad day. Enjoy the ship and hope for others even better.


When I started I jumped from ship to ship till I got to Anaconda. Two weeks later I bought Python and decided it's my main ship. That was until Krait showed up. Now I have mk II and Phantom in my hangar, with mk II being now my main. If I had to choose just one ship from all - that would be Krait mk II.
One should actually have 8, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blizen. One could always have the most famous, but then there's always that dam copy right infringement issue. LOL
I don't know I like to just fly one ship that does it all... not really into switching ships.. that being said, when the Krait MKII hit the streets I gave it a spin and I had to store my beloved Python. The Krait is just a tidbit better for my likings and more versatile as it can also have a SLF and 2 rather than 1 extra multi crew seats...

But mostly I prefer her over my Python due to the better speed and agility.

I don't like the top tier ships at all, mid tier is so much more fun and the krait kicks some serious even against the anacondas/corvettes...

@Hooplah that's my second faivorite paintjob for the Krait... only topped by the black Friday. Hope we get some more options in that department...
I have 2 Asp Explorers. One is for exploration and jumps 70 LY unladen fully decked out with SRV, AFMU, etc. The other Asp Explorer is for hauling passengers in a 40 ton 1st class cabin and jumps 59 LY unladen. I bought and configured a Krait Phantom for both roles. The passenger Phantom jumps 64.7 LY versus 59 for the Asp. The exploration Phantom jumps 72LY and with a little more engineering I'm sure I could get above 75 LY. I wish I had done this before I went on the Distant Worlds 2 expedition. 75 LY would have been great. The Phantom seems superior in all aspects to the Asp except one. The Asp seems to handle heat a little better. I'm running clean drives on the Phantom. Anybody else have any thoughts about the Asp Explorer versus the Phantom.
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