One-way-paths or one way signs

I have been searching for a thread like this, but couldn't find something, so I start this one.
If there's another one, SORRY!!

I would like to have one-way-paths or signs, so that a path can only be used in one way (by park guests - staff can always walk on every path).
atm, a lot of peeps walk into the exit paths of my coasters/flatrides, and then go back... If there would be special paths like "one-way-paths or signs, that do not allow peeps to walk in this direction, this would be solved.
I think especially for the exits this would be could, but as well for the staff buildings, so that guests don't go to the staff buildings.
I would even use this for "restaurants" (if we get tables and chairs, guests can sit on and eat), to have a way "IN" and another way "out".
In RCT3 we had signs that could be marked as no entrance and the peeps would not enter. if these could be brought back, I think it would be a good addition.