Option to disable fear in sandbox mode

I don't know what reaction I'll get, but I find it annoying how you have to be careful when making a rollercoaster, as to not get the Fear rating high.

What if we had the option to disable this and build the craziest rollercoasters imaginable?
You can build anything you want, but the guests prefer safety. At least you can ride it in first person without injury [wink]
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I was able to build some wicked coasters in rct1-3 and still have guests ride it. I havent spent much time on PC since I have low frame rates but it is possible to stay within the guests needs while still getting some insane coasters.
This would be interesting as I built a coaster like Millennium Force and the peeps were so fearful of it nobody wanted to ride it unless I seriously neutered it with trims everywhere! Fear level is a bit out of control in this game. Especially for coasters, they're supposed to scare and thrill....
Yes, it would be nice if the "fear factor" threshold was higher is some peeps so that if you wanted to build an "edgier" ride that pushes the limits, it would still generate some interested riders. Seems like a simple fix.

As an example: The coaster in the Park- Return to Zero, as good as it is, would not be ridden because the fear rating is at 10+
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