Parallel projection... pimax 5k

Is this .121? I'm still on 109 which is stable and works well enough. It doesn't have the extra settings but if you what you say is true, I'll give it a whirl.
Hi all, as a new 5k+ user I'd like to also register interest for progress on this topic. On a 2011 PC with a 980 Ti, Parallel Projections destroyed use of the 5k+. It was all I could do to maintain 30fps at the lowest settings. I am trying again with a i9 9900k and a 2080 Ti, which of course helps to maintain a reasonable mix of quality and framerate, but is still not running 'optimally', to say the least :)
Yes, please Frontier.

Elite is one of the main benchmarks in VR and with PP on, the FPS drops like a rock.

Also, the fix is very easy and thoroughly documented by Pimax.
And now that the specs for the Valve Index have been released, it has canted displays! So FDev - now you need to fix this before dozens of new Index users try to play ED on it.
I would very much like for Frontier to update their stereo rendering, to improve my Pimax 8K experience.

I noticed that the last update fixed a couple of VR issues. I hope Frontier continues to improve VR in ED.
48 submissions and up to two bars on the voting triangle on the Frontier issue ticket. Come on folks! Let's keep voting.

Devs- please let us know if this is in the works to be fixed. I'm guessing that the HP Reverb HMD also uses canted displays so lots of upcoming Elite VR users will become vocal soon...
I don't think it will get fixed, I hope it dose but there has been a problem with anti aliasing ever since the game was released and its still not fixed.
@frontier - I'm hoping you take notice of this issue. It would be a tremendous boost to VR users. I recently played DCS world and discovered that it can run without parallel projection enabled. The resulting performance boost was breathtaking!

If you're a VR user (pimax or not), help the cause and please add to the issue page and vote for it!
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