Parks [PARK] Creature Awakens (work in progress)

Hi, all! I'm pretty new in the game and brand-new in the community, but I'm very pleased to collaborate!

I've been playing Plant Coaster for a while and I'm really digging it so far. I've been playing with the career park Creature Awakens and I thought that I'd like to share what I've done so far. So there we go! Please remember that this is my first, unfinished parks. Advice and ideas are very much welcomed! [big grin]

Rumor has it that there's a huge creature dwelling deep beneath below the old Caribbean Town of Krakenlair. Captain Lockjaw heard about this buried exotic breathing treasure and did not hesitate to take over the village, deploy his brave, stinking men around and start the search for this slippery monster.

The park is divided into three main areas (and a fourth, shadowed area that has not been used yet).

  • Entrance/Jungle: Visitors emerge out of a deep cave to enter the park. They are welcomed by a lush jungle and old-forgotten fortresses that are now used by the pirates. Rides and shops find their way through palmtrees and bushes.
  • Kraklair Town: The once quiet town of Krakenlair has now been invaded by Captain Lockjaw and his minions. The old governor's lookout tower now serves the pirates and numerous elevated houses and stores feed and entratain visitors. There's a beautiful municipal garden at the back that you cannot miss.
  • Crater: A weird crater has recently opened up. Some say it's just an everyday geographical phenomenon, other that there's something moving the very plates. Whatever reason, truth is that it's uncomfortably close to town.


Most flat rides are already in place. I still need to build some roller coaster.

Pirate Wannabe

Kraken Jr.

The Gardens

Lookout Tower


Main Square



Jungle trail




Hope you liked what I've done so far! It's not finished. I'll keep uploading pictures and such as I make progress. [yesnod]

To-do list
  • Build a roller coaster.
  • Finish town and jungle broadwalk.
So I've made some more progress. Here're some pictures of the new/improved areas. [happy]


Jungle elevated trail (with little fall)

Gardens aerial​