Park Layout

Hey-o! So Have been playing for a couple years now, but have never completed a park. I create a park, love it, then hate it, then delete it. I started park #526,896. I am having some trouble with the layout. I think that may be part of why I start hating it. It is either too linear, or it is too haphazard. How do you decide on the park layout?
I like to make the layout of my parks kind of circular, not meaning like a literal circle, but that there is a path that will get you all the way through the park and back to the entrance. The park's paths are connected in a way which makes a loop. To be honest I've only finished a couple of parks, just because I get too bored of one thing too quickly then move on. So, I've started working on multiple parks/coasters at one time. For me it just makes me less bored of doing the same thing.
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