Parks Park of Adventures (WIP)

Hello everybody,

It's time to show off my latest work in progress. As is with most of my work, not sure how far I will get, but so far I am very happy with what I build so far.

Below some screenshots:

Daytime overview of the park.

Overview of entrance area, with shops plaza in front, surrounded by rides, and a side friction coaster called Grasshopper.

Aston Martin Racing. A half track, half dirt circuit for racing. (double Machina Classica).

Overview from a different side.

My latest work in progress, a large log flume in a Tropical setting. Still a lot of work to do.

Night Time view of the Aston Martin Racing.

Some of the lighting around the Log Flume ride I am very pleased with.

Night Time View of the Park.

I'll try to keep updating, I'm trying to really dive deep into theming with the rides. As long as idea's keep popping up I keep updating.
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