Pause menu pops up ingame while in VR??

Hey Guys,

I have a Samsung Odyssey Plus and I just reinstalled windows 10 1903 wUpdate but I get this pause menu popup ingame while inVR and running the game it is rather distracting..

I was thinking maybe it has something to do with Steam as it looks like the screen you get when loading Elite Dangerous in the Steam empty space room.. it has a V shape in it kinda blue/grey color and has a pause symbol in it..

Does anybody know why this happens after a reinstall with Windows 10, I did not have this happen in the past.. I have the nVidia 436.15 drivers installed with latest updates on my motherboard..

here are my system specs:

1. Intel 7600K @ 4.9Ghz Stable and cool..
2. MSI Z270 SLI Motherboard latest updates from MSI..
3. nVidia 1080GTX 436.15 drivers..
4. SoundBlaster Z Sound card
5. Corsair 32GB 3000mhz ram DDR4
6. Samsung Odyssey Plus VR Latest firmware and running release version of WMR and Steam VR..
yes that was it exactly but now I need to find out why Elite is stuttering like it is maybe network congestion on the server??
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