Perhaps it's time to stop pinging Sally for every little thing

Simplest point of view here is, if the CM is getting pinged so much they can no longer keep up with all the pings, then at that point the reason for having pings becomes worthless. The more people ping, then less the CM can respond to all.

At which point people start crying that the CMs don't respond to their pings. Even if the CMs are still responding to dozens of pings per day, they are not responding to your pings, and therefore they are bad people!
Oh hey, this is a thing that happened at my work. The "alerts" screen, while set up appropriately while the business was still a startup and we only had a few things to manage, was starting to produce a veritable torrent of unimportant alerts that the operator would have to acknowledge constantly, most of which were irrelevant or referred to assets that weren't in use (or had been mothballed!) which led to actually important alerts getting completely missed.
So we ended up filtering the alerts screen to focus only on things that were relevant to operations right now as anything else could be investigated later.
Sally is a wonderful human being, and someone who tries very hard to be understanding and engaging. However she also feels a personal burden to respond to those who message her, even if it might be to the detriment of herself.

When Sally first started responding on the forums to posts with regularity it was only supposed to be a once a week thing, as the team were going to share the days around. But because Sally is very personable more and more people just started pinging her directly all hours of the day/night and over the weekend too. Responding to hundreds of comments a day is not her main job and people now have the opinion that she will respond and some get annoyed when it doesn't happen quickly enough for them, this can easily result in other areas suffering or the work carrying over into personal time.

Sally's signature isn't an exaggeration. So I'd just ask you have a bit more restraint and stop pinging Sally for everything thinking she's going to solve all your issues, because she will want to try, and that is putting undue pressure on her. Sally has shown great kindness to us here, let's repay it.
Sorry to hear this, especially as I sent Sally a message this weekend - I assumed it was something that she wouldn't see until she returned to work.

On the one hand, I think you're right to try and ask for people to be reasonable, I respect your motives.

On the other hand, and this is the point, Frontier have a duty of care to their employees, and should insure that the apparatus does not exist for Sally or any of the the lovely community team to get abused, either unintentionally, or otherwise. Because let's face it, if that apparatus exists, they will be abused. While the majority of people are pretty decent in my experience, there's a disturbingly high number that are not (this is why I play solo). You know it, I know it, and Frontier knows it, so if they want somebody to prune the roses they should supply gardening gloves to protect them against the thorns. Reasonable adjustments.

It should also be noted that if a player wants to get an issue responded to, the obvious and most effective route is to mention it to Sally. Again, I see that as an FD issue, not a player issue.
Miss, are these guys bothering you? 🧐

I also recall another poster in one of the other threads pinging Sally asking for an update on the progress of Odyssey on Console as IF nothing had been mentioned for the last 10 days...
Fixed that for you...

I've been following the update threads, and at one point, she started begging people to stop pinging her about Odyssey on Console, because her answer would be the same as the ones she'd given over and over again: they need to get the PC version optimized to the point where its possible to port it to console. Which is the message Frontier had been repeating ever since the Odyssey release debacle. I don't think it's unreasonable to read all her responses, to see if she'd answered them previously, before pinging her about an issue relevant to the subject of the threads, namely issues with Update 7.

edit: just noticed the date on this thread... still relevant, though! :)
The important thing, regarding consoles, is that no-one points out that the official game website hasn't been updated since before EDO launched. The news section article still says the console version is due 'in autumn'. I hope no-one points that out to the consolistas - they'd go ballistic 😈
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