Permian Pack Idea and other Triassic expansions

Frontier Games,
These are 5 prehistoric creatures that you should put in Jurassic World Evolution. Permian animals were before the dinosaurs, but were wiped out in the Permian extinction. This is a great opportunity to put creatures in Jurassic World Evolution besides dinosaurs. Some Permian animals were in the toy line of Jurassic Park, but if that’s not enough, a statue dimetrodon was in fallen kingdom in lock wood mansion. These creatures would be a great addition to the game. I hope you put the creatures in the game.
The pack should be called “Permian pack” or “Permian DLC”

1: Gorgonopsid: This is called a Gorgonopsid and it’s a synapsid (mammal-like reptile) it was also in the toy line. If it was in the game it would be exotic, because it could probably jump on the backs of dinosaurs like Parasaurolophus, Olorotitan, and maybe even carnivores.

2: Dimetrodon: Dimetrodon was in Fallen Kingdom and in the comics of Jurassic park, it was in the Jurassic Park toy line as well, in game it could take down animals of the size of Gallimimus. It could also be vulnerable to large carnivores.

3: Estemmenosuchus: Estemmenosuchus is a bizarre creature, but would be cool if it was in the game. It’s also in the Jurassic Park toy line, which makes another reason it could be in the game! I can imagine the estemmenosuchus being an omnivore and fight dinosaurs of the size of herrasuarus. Also it could act like a hippo in the game and swim to!

4: Scutosaurus: Scutosaurus was in the toy line of Jurassic Park. In Game it would like open grass land and live in large herds. If Scutosaurus spotted a predator it would send a distress call to the other scutosaurus,

5: Anteosaurus: is the biggest known carnivorous synapsid, it might’ve had a crocodile life style. There’s some evidence it head-butted like pachycephalosauridae. If it was in the game it could act like a crocodile and kill dinosaurs while there were drinking from the water, It could also head butt too .Anteosaurus can only be unlockable by having 100% genome of every dinosaur, and complete Isla sorna north missions.

Jurassic World Evolution ideas
  • New campaign
“Isla Sorna north” I know this isn’t part of the Jurassic Park or World lore but it could be really cool. A top secret part of the island that Cabot Finch has finally let you take control of. Ian Malcolm is not sure what you’re going to do at the was top secret part of the island, then Dr. Wu tells you why it was top secret in the first place is because they have incomplete DNA samples of animals that lived in the Permian. Once reach the top of all the Division unlocks a fourth mission is unlocked. Dr. Wu asks you to help him because the Permian animals have a flaw in their gnome. It’s the immune system, but before you can cure them all of your power stations goes out. It takes 3mins to get the reboot done. So that means the gates are open! Your acu is damaged, so you have to use the jeeps to sedate them. Then a hurricane comes through your park. After you complete the mission you unlock a new skin for your Permian animals: Volcanic: and half unlocked anteosaurus, and tour boat,

  • Tour boat: ride or drive a tour boat! You place a buoy path on a river then see your dinosaurs on a river. But in order to make a buoy path you must make the water deeper.
  • Cow or boar feeder: adds cow and boar feeders.
  • Omnivore feeder: omnivorous dinos or prehistoric reptiles can eat plants, fish, and even meat at the same feeder but are very expensive.

Some other creatures for future expansion packs or dlcs. (4 of these are Triassic animals 3, 5, 6, and 7).

  • Edaphosaurus
  • Moschops
  • Placerias
  • Jonkeria
  • Shringasaurus
  • Postosuchus
  • Ornithosuchus
  • Lotosaurus
  • Sphenacodon
  • ulemosaurus

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There's no such thing as a Gorgonopsid... it's a generic term used to refer to any member of the group Gorgonopsidae. A specific member of that group (and likely the animal the creators of Walking with Monsters were thinking of when they created the "Gorgonopsid") would be Inostrancevia.
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