Pirate attacks

Today when I was mining at metallic asteroid belt, I had 1t of Gold. Pirate came and said that I give the gold or he will quote: "I'm going to start boiling bulkheads of you" in 15 seconds if you don't give me the gold. I managed to escape to the nearest station to sell the gold. Will he attack me again if I don't have anything valuable?
Yes, if you have no cargo pirates don't attack you. Some might still interdict you in supercruise, but after scanning you they'll let you go.
But will the same pirate attack me again when this time i have no cargo?
The NPCs in this game are just badly coded garnish. The only time NPC pirates will persistently pursue you is if a mission says they might come after you, and even then after you escape the interdiction (which is as easy as exhaling) they'll be gone. If you should get attacked, they barely do any damage and you'll have plenty of time to go AFK make a brew do the washing take a shower and dry your hair before leaving the area.
IF one is aware of a possible interdiction and can actually target the ship prior to it which means most generally they are behind you somewhere. Slowing down and dropping out of hyper, eliminates any and all ships in the previous instance when the new one starts. Thus if I'm not interdicted withing 25 seconds of reaching my destination vector where as I would normal drop out at I deliberately drop out, which starts a new clean instance, retarget the destination vector an engage hyper again.

The process doesn't get rid of them entirely, but does stop them from interdicting you in regards to that one destination. Like someone else stated, if they are included in the comm section as part of the mission. They will try again until that particular mission is done. Thus if it's the last misson of more than one, I would have to employ my tatic more than once.
Every now and then when I'm doing something for some faction that another faction is at odds with I get a message saying that ships are being sent out after me. Those are not pirates but they are NPC ships intent on destroying me. They do hound me usually from the star system at my destination to the station I need to be at. I've evaded an interdiction at the star and then get an another interdiction attempt at the station before I can get inside. Dunno if that is the same mechanics as a pirate wanting gold but it does happen once in a while. Kinda exciting too...
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