Planet Coaster Alpha 3 launch and Update notes

Finally i can concentrate on work again instead of reloading steam over and over again [wacky]
Well SPRidley was right, so 7PM CEST will be the time future updates will come in [up]
We are looking forward the update to get on time and then have to wait another six hours because the download server is overloaded. hahahaaa
As much as 6pm hurts and I wont get much sleep tonight because of it, a few hours to play Planetary Annihilation: Titans is fine by me [wink][up]
write a letter to valve. don't blame frontier :/
@coasterdrive, after launch. the dev team can push updates any time they want and not time limited :)
Not sure if it works differently for Frontier, but my product on Steam is managed by me and I can roll-out update whenever I want...
damn.... stopt working early today because of the heat outside and mainly because of alpha 3....[down]
not as bad as the people who got "fired" cause they wanted to shift their holidays due to no man's sky being delayed back in June :p you can't blame the developers on your own miscalculations :(
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