Planet Coaster Cheat Day!

Bo Marit

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Hi coaster friends!

As you may or may not know by now, Planet Coaster had a sneaky cheat day today... Want to make your guests do something silly? No friction coasters? Or use the beloved TegidCam? Well, do we have the cheats for you!

With a little help from PCGamesN and YouTube friends Olli43, Silvarret, and MrMeola, we’ve slipped ten cheat codes into the game and they are live right now! Here’s a handy overview:

Bollard – User Controllable Go-Karts
Vroom vroom! Race around your tracks all by yourself with this amazing cheat!
How to activate: Rename the Go-Karts track to “BOLLARD” and select the first person ride cam mode of one of the karts. You can then use the W A S D keys to drive the kart yourself (don’t forget to honk with SHIFT!).

Andy Chappell – Increase speed on a kart for a designated guest
Get out of this chap’s way! This speed demon wants victory!
How to activate: Rename a guest to “ANDY CHAPPELL” before entering the ride, for that particular guest’s kart to go faster.


Lockettman – Turn on physics for the Security Guard
Impressed by in-game coaster crashes? Let your security guard do the same to your park guests with this cheat.
How to activate: Rename a security guard to “LOCKETTMAN” to turn on physics which will cause guests to fly off when hit by the security guard during a criminal pursuit.

David Getley – Increase spawn rate of miscreants
Broken benches, chasing criminals, unhappy guests... Disturbances are getting out of hand!
How to activate: Rename a staff member to “DAVID GETLEY” to have an increased spawn rate for miscreants in your park. Think you’re up for the challenge?

Thanks to the amazing Olli43 for this hilarious video:

James Taylor – Low coaster friction
Let your coasters go just a tad faster with this cheat – for science, of course.
How to activate: Rename a guest to “JAMES TAYLOR” to reduce coaster friction slightly.

Andy Fletcher
– No coaster friction
For some real head-spinning action, use this cheat to remove coaster friction ALTOGETHER!
How to activate: Rename a guest to “ANDY FLETCHER” to remove coaster friction completely.

The wonderfully talented Silvarret shows us how it’s done in his video here:

McLinthe – Vomiting bug...
“I shouldn’t have had this CosmicCow Shake before going on this ride...! Chief Beef causing me grief!”
How to activate: Rename a shop to “MCLINTHE” to have all your guests think the “I’ve thrown up” thought, and causing wandering guests to produce vomit on the spot... better hire some cleaners for this one!

Check out this entertaining video by the fantastic MrMeola:

TegidCam – Invisible guest camera
We told you it’d be back...
How to activate: Rename a guest or staff member to “TEGIDCAM” to enter the camera mode.

Steve Wilkins – Increase breakdown rate of all rides
Be sure to have enough mechanics around when you try this one!
How to activate: Rename a staff member to “STEVE WILKINS” to increase the breakdown rate of all rides. You won’t notice anything immediately with this one, but if a ride already has a chance of breaking down, that rate will be further increased.

Frontier – Stop rides from breaking down
Farewell technical issues! No more missing out on revenue due to faulty rides!
How to activate: Rename a ride “FRONTIER” to reduce the breakdown rate of all rides to zero!

As demonstrated in tonight’s livestream:

Looking forward to seeing all the awesome and insane moments you’ll have in your parks by using these! Do share your cheat code experiences with us.

Happy Planet Coaster Cheat Day!
Thank you for these awesome cheats! - I love the security guard... :D
And thank you Bo for the list! :)

I've got just one question:
How can we disable the cheats? - Just rename them again or is a reload of the park required?
THAT´S awesome. Of course, many cheats are very funny and interesting but now many new aspects will come into the game: now it´s easy to build darkrides with constant speed, it´s fantastic! The guest cam is useful for videos as well. These two features I´ll use very often in future. Perhaps one idea more: invisible coaster/tracks/supports would be helpful in addition to that.
Great to see these cheats added (especially the friction one) I really hope we see a coaster friction slider in future for individual coasters in Sandbox mode.

let the fun begin

this is the stuff we need, i love the security guard stuff or spawn bad behaving guests everywhere

i love these kind of updates

but yeah, if you need to use a cheat to make a wooden coaster reach the station even when it isn't unrealistic maybe we also need a build in friction slider for coasters. but the rest of the cheats are definately fun cheats!
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Some funny cheats among the list, but I won't be using the Vomit cheat, that's for sure, I don't want my parks full this stuff. [where is it]

I do likethe No Ride Breakdowns cheat, the Tegidcam and the Go Kart cheats.
Sigh, this was a great opportunity to bring in an "unlimited money" cheat for Challenge mode. This would allow us to create custom maps (terrain, scenery, etc) then turn money back on to have a complete challenge starter map.

I guess they are planning on allowing sandbox maps to be opened in challenge mode instead? Or the over-asked for scenario editor??

Thanks for the cheats anyway!
am i a party pooper if i say these codes were 70% stupid and 30% useful?

yes: change my username to unserious hos.
no: change my username to serious hos.

(but if you change my username, you will have no idea what happens with the forum software. [wacky])
am i a party pooper if i say these codes were 70% stupid and 30% useful?

yes: change my username to unserious hos.
no: change my username to serious hos.

(but if you change my username, you will have no idea what happens with the forum software. [wacky])
Not in my book!
Even the friction cheat is not really usefull. It´s just too much and kills all your coasters as it affects ALL coasters.
The best one is the one that stops rides from breaking down.
A cheat that makes guests ride the beautifully animated flat-rides would be much welcomed! [praise]
Did they always stay in the game as we close and re-open the game ; or do we have to re-load them , everytime we play ?
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