Planet Coaster compatible with PhysX & Surround

Hello ! I wonder if it would be possible to be compatible with PhysX planetcoaster.

What is PhysX & Surround?

NVIDIA PhysX is a powerful physics engine that can use the acceleration to multiple processors to deliver astonishing physics effects in real time. Nvidia Surround allows you to link multiple displays in one captivating display surface.

it could improve the quality of PlanetCoaster for Nvidia users.

Good idea ?

Have a good day.

version fr :

Bonjour ! Je me demande s'il serait possible d'être compatible avec PhysX & Surround sur PlanetCoaster.

Qu'est-ce que PhysX & Surround?

NVIDIA PhysX est un moteur physique puissant qui peut utiliser l'accélération à plusieurs processeurs pour fournir des effets physiques étonnants en temps réel. Nvidia Surround vous permet de lier plusieurs affichages en une seule surface d'affichage captivante.

il pourrait améliorer la qualité de PlanetCoaster pour les utilisateurs Nvidia.

Bonne idée ?

Bonne journée.
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oh man, I hope no nvidia physx.
amd users would be left dead in the water :/ there is no big gains to get from it with flex already around. and amd users can't use flex as nvidia is too selfish to allow it :/

please keep the game vendor neutral :( or pick the way that both can easily optimize or even use
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As I understand it, PhysX is middleware which provides an API for doing physics calculations which the graphics driver will then either perform on the CPU, or the GPU if it has appropriate support (these days that means CUDA). The Planet Coaster team are already using compute shaders (hence the DirectX 11 requirement) to offload calculation onto the GPU, so if they were to use PhysX they'd be contending for resource with something outside of their control. They're also likely to be using some other physical modelling library (even if it's one of their own devising) that's cross-vendor.

I don't know much about Surround, but again I doubt they'll spend much time integrating a vendor-specific library unless there's a direct equivalent for other vendors.
The engine is Frontiers own and they appear to making all the effects via their own engine and physics simulator rather than an import library which is smart as it is as stated vendor neutral and means everyone will get the same effects. It often means more work but actually runs better for both AMD and Nvidia when implemented correctly as well.

PhysX I do not believe will ever be added to the Cobra engine for Nvidia users and I am glad about this even as someone who is running SLI 980's


Curlyriff, it was stated somewhere by a mod that PC does not support SLI, so if I am correct, PC is only using one of your GPUs.
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Curlyriff, it was stated somewhere by a mod that PC does not support SLI, so if I am correct, PC is only using one of your GPUs.
Yep Parkmaker, you are correct this currently is a non SLI/Xfire game but the engine supports that fine, it just needs drivers etc which will happen upon release I would have thought from both vendors if they are on the ball.



p.s someone created an SLI profile that apparently helps and I had originally asked what they had done but don't believe it had a response as I have not personally created an SLI profile myself and just leave games at default on if they support it or not.
Hello ! I wonder if it would be possible to be compatible with PhysX planetcoaster.
First, I have an AMD card. I couldn't care less about Nvidia proprietary software. I'm sure many people are in the same situation.

Second, Planet Coaster doesn't particularly need real-time physics. I know it needs some physics to calculate the behavior of tracked rides. However, we don't have gravity guns, destructible structures, and free-roaming vehicles. I would assume that physics calculations are done once and stored for tracked rides. Flat rides are probably animated outside of the game or feature relatively simple armature transformations. Water is the big unknown here though. Water could involve expensive, real-time calculations.

Finally, I thought the game already supported surround. If it doesn't, I'm sure it will at release. That's one of those atmospheric things that people assume will be there. It's rather standard on most games these days. [happy]
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